Jeannie Helm’s Future National Area The Mary Kay Opportunity

We are thrilled that you have come to get a quick peek into what we are all so excited about. Hopefully, the following will create a spark in your entrepreneurial spirit and set you on a quest for more information. After reviewing the information, please submit the feedback form, so that we can help determine if this is the right career for you. It will also give your Consultant credit for sending you to visit our website.

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Roya Mattis, NSD

Former Occupation:
Hotel Tourism Managment

"You can see your missed goals as failure or as a launching pad for the next goal. Just get up one more time than you fall down."

Stacy James, NSD

Former Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

"I love that our Mary Kay opportunity ignites hope in women's souls... it fosters joy, ignites our hearts and creates a sense of purpose..."

Magic Happens

Sabrina Monday, NSD

Former Occupation: Journalism

"I had my nose in the air with my graduate degree."

Caterina Harris Ear, NSD

Former Occupation: Youth Employment Program Manager

"I want to stand for what is positive in life... because when you change the life of a woman, you change the life of the world."

Gloria Mayfield Banks, NSD

Former Occupation: Top Corporate Position as a Marketing Manager

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Beth Austin, FESSD

Check out Beth’s journey and why she chose a Mary Kay business!