Jeannie Helm’s Future National Area

Jeannie Helm is probably one of the least likely women to ever become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. She has always loved the outdoors, animals, camping, fishing, sports even hunting. 25 years ago Jeannie's sister in Florida had become a Consultant to help pay for her three sons education since they were all in college at the same time. Back in TX, Jeannie and her husband had 2 daughters ages 2 and 7 at the time, plus her husband traveled 3-6 days a week as a pilot.

Jeannie was growing a little restless and frustrated with always worrying about her husbands job security, their finances, and not having the extra money for saving, for vacations, and even date night with her man. When her sister sent her the information on the Mary Kay business, she had absolutely no interest at all. Jeannie didn't even wear make up, but knowing her sister, she read the information so she could tell her "no" intelligently. Well, the rest is history. By gradually building her business part time, in and around an already busy life, Jeannie’s first year earned her first Mary Kay Car and a promotion into the top 2% of Mary Kay, the position of Sales Director.

Since that first year, she has earned 16 Mary Kay Cars, 24 carats of Diamonds, fabulous trips and a six figure income for several years, all while providing her family with financial stability. Jeannie's husband and her two daughters are so glad she was courageous enough to step out of her comfort zone and just try.

Jeannie's favorite things about her Mary Kay business are the flexibility, the fun, being her own boss and having absolute job security. Growing up in a challenging environment, her passion in her Mary Kay business is to empower women to make the choices that will allow them to live the life they would love rather than settling for status quo. She loves seeing Beauty Consultants and Directors having fun, making great money and building a future based on their design rather than by default. And to think it all started when scared and a bit insecure, she signed her Consultants agreement with little confidence that this a la natural outdoorsy kind of girl could ever become a successful business owner.


Became a Consultant in January 1988.

Earned the first of 16 cars in August 1988. Last 8 have been Pink Cadillacs.

Became a Director in November 1988.

Selected Diamond Seminar Miss Go Give, January 1991 and Sapphire Miss Go Give, July 2015.

Multiple Gold Medal winner.

National Court of Sales three times.

Star Consultant 102 quarters.

Earned 4 Diamond Rings, 2 Diamond Tennis Bracelets, and 1 Diamond Pendant totaling 21 carats.

Circle of Achievement, or above, 18 consecutive years:

  $300,000 Unit Club 4 times
  $350,000 Unit Club once
  $400,000 Unit Club once
  $450,000 Unit Club twice
  $500,000 Unit Club 7 times
  $550,000 Unit Club 2 times
  $650,000 Unit Club once

Trip to Vienna and Salzburg, Austria.

Our Unit's highest ranking ever - #23 of 2500 units in the Sapphire Division for the Seminar Year.

Has 4 First Line Directors and 5 Second Line Directors

Highest monthly commission check = $14,064.72 (Click to view a copy)