Jeannie Helm’s Future National Area

"We need leaders who add value to the people and the organization they lead; who work for the benefit of others and not just for their own personal gain; who inspire and motivate rather than intimidate and manipulate; who live with people to know their problems and live with God in order to solve them; and who follow a moral compass that points in the right direction regardless of the trends."  ~Mary Kay Ash

New Set Sheet 2017

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Get the year of your dreams off to a great start with this yearlong challenge! Each month during the year that you place a cumulative $600* or more wholesale Section 1 order, you can receive a gorgeous bracelet** with a quote that reflects Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of love.

These limited-edition† bracelets not only look stunning, they are natural conversation starters that let you share from the heart what you love about your Mary Kay business and help you develop personal relationships. And that may add up to what could be your best year ever!